Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Egg Hunt(s)

About 3 weeks before Easter Megan told me "if you want to get us some Bath and Bodyworks hand sanitizer for our Easter baskets that would be great". Then I said "oh I will tell the Easter Bunny that you requested that". Then she says" you know I don't believe in that because it's pretty obvious that you and dad always know where the eggs are hidden but I still believe in Santa, the elves and the tooth fairy". The nice thing about that is I didn't have to sneak down and hide the eggs before they woke up like in years past. After we were all dressed they went down and got their Easter baskets and we had a nice breakfast, then after breakfast when they were up brushing their teeth we hid the eggs. It was much more relaxed. Oh and you would think by the way they dart after the eggs that they were looking for Willie Wonka's golden ticket. They are so competitive about the whole thing. After they find the eggs the candy goes into bowels that we all share from and they get to keep any coins they find for their wallets. I think there was a whole $3.21 cents in coins...just coins from my wallet and Mikes pocket but to Paige and Megan it was big money.

You know that our dogs were not left out of the egg hunting fun! Paige and Megan filled some plastic eggs with puppy treats and "hid" them while I took the dogs for a walk. Rowdy and Rebel are so accustomed to finding puppy treats in the eggs that I had to keep an eye on the dogs while we were hiding the candy filled eggs for the kids. More than once I had to chase the dogs down to get an egg that they had found before we were done hiding them all for the girls.

I snapped this picture of Miss. Sumann's pretty tulips on the way down to the Easter egg hunt in the cul de sac. We lucked out with the rain and it held off until after 7 p.m.

Here is the Easter Egg Hunting gang. I know that looks like a whole lot of kids for one cul de sac but to tell you the truth there were 8 kids missing (because they were out of town). When the school bus comes to load up it's empty and when it leaves it's full to overflowing because we have even more kids in the cul de sac that is across the street. Oh and I don't want to offend the "middle school bunch" but 4 of those kids in the back row are 6th ,7th and one 8th grader. The 7th and 8th graders were not hunting eggs they were just helping the little kids out.

And theyr'e off...they gave the preschoolers a few minutes head start and told the big kids that they could not get any eggs on the big grass circle. The little kids still needed coaching to find all the eggs in the grass circle it was pretty amusing. There were plenty of eggs to find because each family is asked to supply a dozen filled plastic eggs per kid. Even though we only had one kid in the hunt I sent down at least 24 eggs. I was just trying to get rid of some of our many plastic eggs that have made it back to our house over the past 5 years of Easter egg hunts.

Megan and Hanna looking cute as ever.

Miss. Ella got lots of ohhs and ahhs over her Easter attire.

I had the big lenses on the camera and I caught this cute scene as Bryn, Addie and Ella were checking out their loot from the egg hunt.


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